Privacy Protection Policies for Job Applicants


Sacred Heart College of Lucena City, Inc. is committed to transparency and to complying with its duties and responsibilities under data privacy and data protection laws. This Data Privacy Protection Policy for Job Applicants informs job applicants about the school’s policy regarding the information that we collect, use or process with respect to their personal data.

Sacred Heart College of Lucena City, Inc., as an educational institution with a mission to offer quality education, respect job applicants’ right to data privacy. In compliance with the requirements of relevant data privacy and data protection laws, in particular RA 10173, otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012, we strive to achieve a balance between your personal privacy and the need for free flow of information, particularly when pursuing our legitimate interests and carrying out our responsibilities as an academic institution.

In this Policy, the terms “data” and “information” will be used interchangeably. Thus, when we speak of “personal data”, the term includes the concepts of personal information, sensitive information and privileged information. Personal information and sensitive information pertain to information that are commonly used to distinctively identify you. For their exact definitions, you may refer to the text of the Data Privacy Act of 2012. While this Policy uses examples in simple and clear language, they do not form a comprehensive list of all the data that we process.


The purpose of this data privacy protection policy is twofold: first, it aims to explain how we, as an academic institution and personal information controller (PIC), will use your personal data, and second, to explain your rights under relevant data protection laws.

It is important that you read this policy prior to providing your personal information.

Who will process your personal information?

Under data privacy and data protection laws, Sacred Heart College of Lucena City, Inc. is the “personal information controller” (PIC). This means that SHC is responsible for how it uses and processes your personal data and for complying with requests from you in relation to your personal data, where appropriate under the laws.

If you have any questions regarding the use of your personal data or data privacy rights, please contact the school’s Data Protection Officer at

How will we use your information?

We have set out below the main purposes for which we will use your information for different categories of individual, who it is shared with. For each type of processing, we have identified our “legal basis for processing”. This is set out in Appendix A.

Is my data secure?

Your personal data will be managed securely. Access will be restricted to only those staff or units/offices that require it and on a “need to know” basis. SHC will employ any technical and institutional measures necessary to protect your data.

Keeping information updated

SHC strives to ensure that your personal data is accurate and up-to-date. If you need to amend any of your personal information once a job application has been submitted, then you can contact the school’s Human Resources Development Office (HRDO) via the details below.

Retention of Personal Data

The school will retain your personal data only for as long as is necessary for the purposes described. These periods are set out below.

Your Rights

You have the right to:

  1. find out what personal data we process about you and obtain a copy of the data, free of charge within one month of your request. We may make a charge for additional copies of the same information;
  2. ask us to correct inaccurate or incomplete data; and
  3. withdraw consent to process your personal data at any time, if you were asked for and provided consent.

If you think we are acting unfairly or unlawfully you can:

  1. object to the way we are using your data; or
  2. complain to the National Privacy Commission.

Under certain conditions you also have the right to ask us to:

  1. restrict the use of your data, ex. if you have raised issues about the accuracy or use of your personal data, until we have investigated and responded to your concerns;
  2. erase your information or tell us to stop using it to make decisions about you;
  3. comply with your wishes where you have previously agreed to us processing your data for a particular purpose and have withdrawn your consent to further processing; and
  4. provide you with an electronic copy of data you have given us.

Please contact us if you wish to exercise/inquire about any of these rights.

Contact Details

Data Protection Office

Sacred Heart College of Lucena City, Inc.

1 Merchan Street

Lucena City, Quezon 4301


More Information

To find out more about data protection and your rights please see:

Job Applicants

Recruitment is managed by the Human Resources Development Office (HRDO) of Sacred Heart College of Lucena City, Inc. All applications/communications are managed directly by a member of the HRDO. Your information will be shared internally for the purposes of the recruitment process. This includes members of the HRD team; the selection panel involved in the recruitment process; relevant staff in the unit/office that has the vacancy; and MIS/IT staff, if access to the data is necessary for them to provide systems support. We will process the information on your application form, any supporting documents requested as part of the process and additional details provided by any referees and will be recorded following any interview process. This information will be used to assess your application and make a decision regarding your suitability for the post.

The school will only share your data with third parties to the extent that this is essential for the completion of the recruitment process. This means that we will contact referees, if you are identified as the preferred candidate (or sooner if you have consented for this to happen). We will also have to verify your qualifications and establish your right to work in the Philippines (for non-resident or foreign job applicants). In some cases, a recruitment panel member may be external to the school and therefore will be provided with your application for review.

If you are successful in your job application, your data will be used as set out in the Data Privacy Protection Policy for School Personnel. If your application for employment is not successful, the school will retain your job application data for 18 months following the completion of the recruitment process, unless it is legally-bound to retain it for longer in order to be able to demonstrate compliance relevant laws.

When applying for a job vacancy through direct correspondence with a named contact in the HRDO or in an employing unit/office, we will only retain your information for as long as required to provide you with a response and to deal with any subsequent inqueries you may have.

The school collects recruitment information in a variety of ways. For example, personal data is collected through application forms, CVs or résumés; obtained from your passport or other identification documents such as your national ID, UMID, birth and/or marriage certificates, driving license; from forms completed by you at the start of or during employment; from correspondence with you; or through interviews, meetings or other assessments.


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